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Welcome to The Pet Professionals blog. Our aim is to keep pets happy and healthy through informed education of responsible owners who demand the best for their companions.

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Every season has its grace, and autumn has arrived bringing us shorter days, beautiful colours and a longing for cosiness and evenings by the fire. Bringing some joy to this unprecedented year, autumn celebrations are fast approaching, so this is the perfect opportunity to go over some important pet safety preca... Read more >
Published 08 Oct 2020
Preventive medicine is the best way for us to keep our pets healthy, but, unfortunately, health is not something that we can always predict and control. Accidents can happen, and there are a number of illnesses that cannot be easily avoided, such as cancer and heart disease, for example. But there’s something w... Read more >
Published 28 Sep 2020
The summer sun brings serious summer fun! Our countryside walks are back in full swing, with all due distancing and safety precautions of course, and there is nothing better than taking our doggy friends for a day out near the lake or jog around the forest ponds. However, before all of this awesome fun can start... Read more >
Published 28 Aug 2020
We are what we eat, and the same is true for our four-legged friends. We can't stress enough how much a balanced diet is important for your pet's health, so we've prepared a Q&A for you with common questions dog owners have regarding their pet's nutritional needs!   #1: What should I feed my dog? ... Read more >
Published 13 Aug 2020
The heat is back on, summer is in full swing and horse owners are faced with a difficult challenge. How do you keep up with exercise and work needs in this hot weather? During this time, heat stress is a significant concern for all owners, and it's vital to keep monitoring your horse's hydration status and w... Read more >
Published 05 Aug 2020
For most people, when they bring a new pet home, one of the first thoughts that cross their mind is to take him or her to the vet to make sure that they are healthy. If this is the first time you have owned a pet, even after you've done lots of preparation and research, that first appointment can be overwhelming... Read more >
Published 15 Jul 2020
Particular as they may be, cats have wonderful personalities and make great companion animals and furry friends. However, sometimes cats can show aggression towards their owners and other pets, which can be very detrimental to the bond between them and the home environment, and even dangerous in extreme situatio... Read more >
Published 22 Jun 2020
With the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately, we feel this is the perfect opportunity to share with you our top three tips to help you enjoy Summer with your four-legged companions. #1: Keep your pets protected from heatstroke As usual, prevention always comes first! Heatstroke occurs when your pet... Read more >
Published 10 Jun 2020
  One of the most beautiful landscapes that spring has to offer us is a vast, luscious green pasture, with the sun shining up in the blue sky and the opportunity for our horses to graze freely and enjoy nature. However, as horse owners are well aware, fresh spring grass is very sugary and, if you have ro... Read more >
Published 20 May 2020
April showers bring not only May flowers, but they also bring a lot of parasite concerns. Warmer weather invites all sorts of creepy crawlies into your garden and straight onto your pets (and family!). Keeping your dog's flea and worm treatment up to date is essential all year-round, but during Spring, there is ... Read more >
Published 12 May 2020
Cats may seem to be whimsical pets who enjoy doing all sorts of random things (usually involving pushing fragile objects off the shelves!) but, the truth is, they are animals that rely on stable routines to feel confident and safe.   They like to know who will be home (and when), at what hours they can expect ... Read more >
Published 28 Apr 2020
With the UK in lockdown, it's essential that you, as a horse owner, know what to do to ensure your horse is properly cared for whilst keeping yourself safe and complying with the government's recommendations. Attending to your horse's basic needs is considered essential and, therefore, allowed. However, this means... Read more >
Published 09 Apr 2020
After COVID-19 was characterised as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on 11 March, it is now more important than ever that we protect ourselves and help everyone else at the same time. Basic preventive measures against the virus include: Washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds; Avoidi... Read more >
Published 23 Mar 2020
There have been several reports from vets across the country of an increase in cases of prolific vomiting in dogs. As you're aware, there are many diseases that can cause vomiting and other gastrointestinal signs in dogs, including parvovirus enteritis, parasites, intoxications and dietary indiscretions, to name s... Read more >
Published 02 Mar 2020
Strangles, also known as Equine Distemper, is an infectious disease that all horse owners should be aware of. It's caused by a highly contagious bacteria from the Streptococcus equi equi species that can be found all over the UK. This disease can be easily transmitted through contact with infected animals or conta... Read more >
Published 05 Feb 2020
Have you had a look at your cat's teeth lately? It may sound like a weird question, but given that oral disease affects up to 80% of cats from only two years of age and as it can be easily overlooked, it is a really good idea to keep a close eye on your cat's mouth! February is pet dental health month, so we ... Read more >
Published 31 Jan 2020
With 2019 behind us, many of us have probably taken a moment to reflect on what we've accomplished and to set new goals for 2020. Every new year comes with the promise of a fresh start, and if you don't usually include your pets in your resolutions, why not ring the changes and give it a go for 2020? #1: Protec... Read more >
Published 06 Jan 2020
Owning a pet is a wonderful, gratifying experience but also a big commitment. Once you adopt or buy an animal, you become responsible for their health and well-being, which goes far beyond taking care of their basic needs. Preventative veterinary care, such as proper nutrition, vaccination and regular worming an... Read more >
Published 19 Dec 2019
With the cold weather settling in, we tend to see our pets enjoying longer naps and not seeming as interested in going outside for their exercise as usual. Even though the poor weather can be a significant contributor to this change in their disposition, it is important to make sure that your cats are happy and hea... Read more >
Published 27 Nov 2019
Bad weather can be a real nuisance for horses as it usually means less time spent grazing, galloping and just simply enjoying being out in the field with their friends. As a result, they can become bored and stressed, which can lead to negative repercussions in their behaviour and health. The good news is the... Read more >
Published 07 Nov 2019
Autumn has arrived in earnest and with it comes the fireworks season. As much as we love the festivities, some of our pets might not feel the same way! Halloween, Diwali, Bonfire night, Christmas and New Year all come at us in quick succession and many of these holidays feature fireworks of some kind, which are ... Read more >
Published 14 Oct 2019
Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, with the trees changing colour and the leaves falling, that lovely earthy scent that lingers in the air after rain, and that characteristic early morning and late afternoon chill that starts making its presence, inviting us to stay home snuggled with our pets... Read more >
Published 03 Oct 2019
  Equine Metabolic Syndrome Equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) is a major metabolic disorder in horses, and it is characterised by the deregulation of several metabolic processes, chiefly the proper use of insulin.  This situation might cause severe laminitis, and it is one of the main weight-related issues in... Read more >
Published 19 Sep 2019
Pain is an unpleasant sensation that is common across species. When we feel pain, we can easily tell where and how much it hurts, but it is not the same for our feline companions. Cats are well known for their stoic nature and will go out of their way to make sure everything is normal. Even more so in cases o... Read more >
Published 02 Sep 2019
Now that the holiday fun is over, it's time to get back on track. School is about to start, we are hopefully enthusiastic to get back to work, and it's easy to forget our pets that will be left behind when the children and adults leave the house empty once again. If you are starting to notice your pet is sleepin... Read more >
Published 29 Aug 2019
Given the recent outbreaks that have been reported throughout the UK and Europe, we feel like this is a good time to talk about equine influenza. This disease, also known as equine flu, is highly contagious and affects horses' respiratory tract. Most cases will show signs of lethargy, decreased appetite, fever, ... Read more >
Published 08 Aug 2019
Now that summer is finally here and the weather is getting nice and warm, there are some extra precautions we need to take in order to make sure our friendly felines can enjoy it as much as we do. If your cats are eager for a stroll outdoors, make sure their regular worming, flea and tick treatments are up to da... Read more >
Published 10 Jul 2019
As the principal constituent of a horse's body, accounting for 70% of its composition, water is a fundamental part of life, participating in every physiological process from temperature regulation to digestion. This is why water consumption is so important and why we should keep an eye on our horses' drinking be... Read more >
Published 21 Jun 2019
Everybody has an itch to scratch every once in a while, and this includes our feline friends! Now that the weather is getting warmer, you may notice them doing so more frequently as Spring is usually the time when parasites start to become a real annoyance. External parasites like fleas or ticks thrive when the ... Read more >
Published 31 May 2019
Now that the weather is getting warmer, the days longer, and the spring flowers are starting to bloom, we look at our canine friends and can't help the feeling of wanting to go on an outdoor adventure. However, if you're planning to take your 4-legged friend on a hike or a long walk by the beach, there are some th... Read more >
Published 15 May 2019
Now that the weather is starting to get warmer and the days are longer many horse owners will begin taking their horses out for much anticipated extended walks. However, before you start spending more time in the saddle, and to assure a safe transition for your horses, here are some things you should keep in mind:... Read more >
Published 23 Apr 2019
Many people might not like thinking about what happens in the confines of their cats’ litterbox but knowing what goes on in there (unpleasant as this may be!) is crucial in the early detection of some important health problems. There is a lot of valuable information that you can gather from just a cursory glanc... Read more >
Published 02 Apr 2019
Intervertebral discs are tiny, cushion-like structures located between the vertebrae that connect the the vertebrae bones to each other to form the vertebral column, also functioning as a shock absorber and allowing movement of the spine. Sometimes, these discs can suffer alterations and become herniated which m... Read more >
Published 18 Mar 2019
People's lifestyle and eating habits have dramatically changed over the years, and so have their pets'. As a result, excess weight and obesity have become a growing concern in human and veterinary medicine, as these have been proven to be associated with a number of diseases in all species. Overweight horses, i... Read more >
Published 26 Feb 2019
The advancements made in veterinary medicine as well as owners being more actively invested in making sure their cats' needs are met have made it possible for cats to live longer lives. As a result, a growing number of cats are reaching their golden years, and it is up to us to make sure they spend them happy and h... Read more >
Published 12 Feb 2019
Being a dog parent is more than a fantastic and rewarding experience, it's also about embracing the responsibility of caring for another life. Even though some things fall beyond our control, we need to make sure our dogs have the best chance to thrive and have a happy, healthy life. To make sure your dog is prote... Read more >
Published 28 Jan 2019
For many of us, when we think of relaxation, the first thing that comes to mind is a day spent at the spa, enjoying a lovely massage and lots of pampering. But it turns out that were not the only ones who are keen on massages, horses appreciate them too! Besides the fantastic feeling of comfort and warmness that... Read more >
Published 16 Jan 2019
If you have children, we are sure Santa's letter has been written, posted and already at the North Pole ready for the elves to process, and many of those letters will have the wish for a puppy this Christmas. You may also be planning to gift a puppy to a friend, as pet ownership is such an amazing and rewarding ... Read more >
Published 21 Dec 2018
Getting a kitten is a time of joy and excitement, but it also comes with great responsibility! With that in mind, we have put together some information to help you prepare for the new arrival! Choosing a kitten Kittens have different characters: some are quiet and enjoy napping on your lap, others are more ex... Read more >
Published 31 Oct 2018
With the firework season fast approaching we’re getting excited about the festivities; however, many dogs are terrified of the zips, whizzes, bangs and other loud noises. Noise phobia can manifest in different ways, and the signs usually progress over time unless action is taken. But how can you tell if your dog is... Read more >
Published 17 Oct 2018
Horses are herbivorous animals that have a very complex and sensitive digestive system. As with all animals, proper nutrition is vital for their wellness and health. Let's do a simple overview of the horses' digestive process! There are some things in common between horses' and our digestion: it will start in t... Read more >
Published 28 Sep 2018
We wish all our members and pets a very Happy Easter and we hope it is a very joyful time for you all! But please don't forget: Chocolate is best out of reach of any pets as it contains theobromine which is toxic, particularly to dogs;   Sweets and cakes with raisins, sultanas, currants like ho... Read more >
Published 22 Mar 2018
We bring you the curious case of the stomach botfly in horses which is caused by several species of the Gasterophilus genus. This disease is called a myiasis, which is the medical term for issues caused by the larvae of several species of flies. These flies lay eggs on the horse's coat and as they hatch into lar... Read more >
Published 31 Jul 2017
An increase in pet ownership combined with longer working hours, means more and more people are relying on pet care professionals to help look after their beloved four legged friends. And when leaving your pet in the care of another you want to be sure they are trustworthy, reliable and ultimately covered should an... Read more >
Published 24 May 2016
Whether it’s working alongside a resident pet or bringing in your own, a furry creature can be a welcome addition to an office. In Britain we love our pets and over half of us have said we’d happily take them into work if we could. To find out what having an office pet entails, Lilli Hender from OfficeGenie.co... Read more >
Published 28 Apr 2016
"Do you want to know more about your pet? A new website, thepetprofessionals.co.uk, has been launched for owners who want to learn more about pet health care." - An advice by Pete the Vet! Pete is an experienced veterinary surgeon with an incredible passion for communication, who also has had pets for most o... Read more >
Published 24 Jul 2014
The Pet Professionals are proud to support the Blue Cross. 10% of your club membership fee will be donated to the Blue Cross an animal charity with animal hospitals and animal adoption services to find homes for unwanted dogs, horses, cats and small animals across the UK. Join the Club and be part of the UK's fas... Read more >
Published 21 Jan 2014