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Welcome to The Pet Professionals blog. Our aim is to keep pets happy and healthy through informed education of responsible owners who demand the best for their companions.

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With holidays just around the corner, now is a great time to check on the arrangements for your cat during the time that you will be away. Have you considered whether your cat will be happier with an in-home sitter or in a cattery? If so, do you have any trustworthy recommendations? Will your cat need any special ... Read more >
Published 27 May 2024
If this is your first time owning a cat, especially if you've been a dog owner of a breed with considerable grooming needs, you might be asking yourself: “Does my cat need to be bathed regularly?”. Domestic felines descend from wild cats of dry, warm climates and are not known for appreciating water very much.... Read more >
Published 03 Apr 2024
One of the most common illnesses that can affect your furry friend is feline herpesvirus infection! Also known as feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR), this disease is a frequent infection seen in cats, and symptoms vary from mild to more severe. If you’ve ever seen your cat with a runny nose, persistent eye d... Read more >
Published 05 Feb 2024
Fireworks and pets are not a good match! Many of our furry friends are apprehensive or scared of the loud noises during the festive season, and cats are no exception. Christmas and New Year can be tough periods for cats with these types of phobias, and owners might struggle to help their feline friends feel bett... Read more >
Published 30 Nov 2023
Did you know that feline mammary cancer is one of the most common cancers in cats over the age of 10? Mammary tumours are common in domestic cats, and most of them are malignant, meaning they can grow and spread to other organs like the lungs, liver or kidneys. Unfortunately, most of these will be fatal without ... Read more >
Published 02 Oct 2023
As the temperature rises, keeping a close eye on our senior cats is essential! When hot days arrive, it’s easier for our older feline friends to lose more fluids than normal, and if they aren’t given enough encouragement or opportunities to drink more water, this situation can quickly tip into severe dehydration.... Read more >
Published 02 Aug 2023
Summer is here, and it usually means it is time to take a break, relax and enjoy the weather! If you often include your pets in your summer plans, keep reading our blog to make sure that they are kept safe and protected against common hazards.   Heatstroke Heatstroke had to be first on our list as it i... Read more >
Published 03 Jul 2023
High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is a common sign in older cats that can be caused by several important conditions, such as kidney disease or hyperthyroidism. Unfortunately, high blood pressure can build for a long time without overt signs whilst damaging sensitive organs like the eyes or brain, so... Read more >
Published 05 Jun 2023
Whether you have plans to travel with your pets this summer or you are planning on going somewhere without them, it’s best to start preparing now! Arranging the needed documents, finding pet-friendly places to stay or trying to get a reputable boarding kennel or a pet sitter so that you can be away without any ... Read more >
Published 28 Apr 2023
Have you ever heard of feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC)? This common cat problem can show up without warning and you need to know the signs! Many owners are familiar with feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) as it can be caused by many problems such as bladder infections, bladder stones or urethral obstruc... Read more >
Published 13 Apr 2023
As the weather becomes warmer and more inviting, the number of pet parasites like fleas, ticks and mites increases significantly. Fleas are almost ubiquitous, and all cats are at risk, even those that don’t ever leave the house, as it’s very easy for us humans to bring them in from the outside. Once you have a... Read more >
Published 01 Mar 2023
During the winter, do your bones and joints ache a little (or maybe a lot!) more? If they do, you are not alone! Our cats can also suffer from increased joint pain due to the low temperatures and high humidity during the cold season. However, our feline friends are experts at hiding their pain and discomfort, an... Read more >
Published 19 Jan 2023
Christmas and pets For most of us, Christmas is a magical season, full of wonder and opportunities to reunite and spend time with those we love the most. But when it comes to our pets, things can rapidly turn sour if we’re not careful so please do take some precautions! Read our blog post to learn more about avoi... Read more >
Published 13 Dec 2022
Keep lilies away from your cats! As the festive season fast approaches, we will likely start decorating our houses and receiving gifts from family and friends! Flower arrangements are a beautiful way to kick off the Christmas season, but unfortunately, pet owners need to be careful when bringing some plant sp... Read more >
Published 30 Nov 2022
The dreaded shedding season is here! If you share a house with a cat, or worse, several cats, you know that there is seemingly no way to eliminate the vortex of fur that comes from such a small pet. Even though we cannot guarantee you will stop finding hairs all over the place, there are many ways to help your f... Read more >
Published 14 Oct 2022
Did you know that insufficient water intake can be a risk factor for urinary issues in cats? Urinary problems are some of the most common health issues in cats, which is why making sure that your cats are drinking enough water is essential to keep them healthy. However, our feline friends can be quite particu... Read more >
Published 22 Aug 2022
Cats are very particular animals that enjoy the stability of their routines and can be pretty picky with the people they interact with. As a parent or someone who frequently has kids visiting, you might be worried that your feline friend will not be too keen on having small, often loud and energetic humans in th... Read more >
Published 21 Jun 2022
Do you know about Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease? Also called FLUTD for short, this set of conditions is a common challenge for cat owners, and many of us have had direct experience with the problem. The most important thing about FLUTD is that you should never ignore signs of urinary distress in your pets! ... Read more >
Published 12 May 2022
The number of cats that are kept indoors permanently has boomed in recent years as more and more people live in apartments or because owners choose to keep them away from dangerous traffic and potential altercations with stray animals. Fortunately, cats can be terrific indoor-only pets, and they take to their sp... Read more >
Published 31 Mar 2022
The most common question cat owners have is "Should I groom my cat?", especially if they are first time owners! We all know that cats are pretty much self-sufficient when it comes to cleaning their fur and skin, but there are many situations where you'll need to intervene. Keep reading to learn when and how t... Read more >
Published 16 Feb 2022
With 2021 coming to an end, we would like to invite you to take a moment to reflect on how important your pets have been in your life this year. They can really be our lifeline sometimes, providing us with moments of comfort, greeting us with contagious joy and making sure that we are never alone. We are sure tha... Read more >
Published 28 Dec 2021
With the weather getting colder, snuggling comfortably with our pets at home feels like the perfect weekend plan. But even pets equipped with the best fur coat can feel the cold, so we should ensure that they remain comfortable as winter approaches. That said, we've put together three tips to help your pets d... Read more >
Published 04 Nov 2021
As our pets grow older, they go through a significant number of changes. They may not enjoy moving as much, they may lose some sharpness to their senses, and they may suffer from chronic conditions such as kidney disease, osteoarthritis or diabetes. Keeping an eye out for these changes is very important as our p... Read more >
Published 01 Sep 2021
Last Sunday was International Cat Day, a day created to celebrate our feline friends. At The Pet Professionals, we believe all days should be 'cat days', so we're keeping the celebration going, and we're going to share with you our three top tips to help you enrich your cat's life.   #1 - Meeting basi... Read more >
Published 09 Aug 2021
Sun, relaxation and plenty of adventures are the biggest draws of the season! But with all the nice experiences we can enjoy during the warmer weather, there are some concerns that pet owners need to keep in mind. One of the most important ones is heatstroke and how it can be dangerous, even deadly, to your p... Read more >
Published 14 Jun 2021
Throughout the years, there have been several developments in veterinary medicine, and with these, specialisation in different areas of clinical practice. Just like human medical doctors, veterinary surgeons can choose an area of expertise that they’re keen on and pursue further education and training on the subj... Read more >
Published 19 May 2021
Spring brings us some of the best experiences of the year! The days start getting longer and warmer, and the dreary weather of winter slowly makes way for springtime bloom. Even though there are still plenty of movement restrictions, the spring green and extra light make everyone a little more cheerful, even tho... Read more >
Published 07 Apr 2021
If there's one good thing that came out of this pandemic, it would have to be a strengthened relationship between ourselves and our pets. Pets have provided us with an unparalleled source of company and support in these challenging times, which we believe to be related to the increased demand for pets that we've... Read more >
Published 26 Mar 2021
What is so great about a cat? There is no right answer to this question as there are so many facets of this species that fascinate us – their independent nature, yet the strong bond that unites us, their elegant grace, yet their clumsy antics, their ruthlessness as predators, yet their gentle affection towards ... Read more >
Published 02 Mar 2021
Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic and associated government restrictions, our routines seem to be constantly changing. If we are finding this difficult to manage, imagine how confused our pets may be feeling!  Domestic animals rely on stable routines to thrive, which means that disruptions can cause them ... Read more >
Published 05 Feb 2021
We can't help but have high hopes for 2021, and we wish this new year is kinder to us all than 2020! Whether you are the type of person that likes to take a moment to reflect on the year that has passed and set resolutions and goals for the new one or not, we have a suggestion for you. This year, why not make... Read more >
Published 05 Jan 2021
Finally, it is the week of Christmas, and we can’t help but feel excited! It is true that this is not going to be the Christmas that we wished for, but we hope you still get to enjoy the holidays as best you can, and the warmth that characterises this season. There are things that do not change, however, which ... Read more >
Published 23 Dec 2020
Recent surveys indicate that the demand for pets during the current Coronavirus pandemic has increased significantly. Pets are, indeed, a great source of company and comfort during these unprecedented times, and pet ownership is one of the most wonderful experiences life has to offer us! But as good as it is ... Read more >
Published 07 Dec 2020
November is Pet Diabetes Month! Diabetes is a metabolic disease that can affect both ourselves and our pets. The disease is caused by insufficient production of insulin, the hormone responsible for keeping blood sugar (glucose) levels under control, or due to cells becoming resistant to its action. Accordi... Read more >
Published 20 Nov 2020
As winter is fast approaching, we would like to take some time to talk about our cats' relationship with the cold and the different ways that it can affect their comfort. If we had to point out some of the most common features of our beloved domestic felines, we'd probably have "love warm spots to sleep on!" quite... Read more >
Published 05 Nov 2020
Every season has its grace, and autumn has arrived bringing us shorter days, beautiful colours and a longing for cosiness and evenings by the fire. Bringing some joy to this unprecedented year, autumn celebrations are fast approaching, so this is the perfect opportunity to go over some important pet safety preca... Read more >
Published 08 Oct 2020
Preventive medicine is the best way for us to keep our pets healthy, but, unfortunately, health is not something that we can always predict and control. Accidents can happen, and there are a number of illnesses that cannot be easily avoided, such as cancer and heart disease, for example. But there’s something w... Read more >
Published 28 Sep 2020
For most people, when they bring a new pet home, one of the first thoughts that cross their mind is to take him or her to the vet to make sure that they are healthy. If this is the first time you have owned a pet, even after you've done lots of preparation and research, that first appointment can be overwhelming... Read more >
Published 15 Jul 2020
Particular as they may be, cats have wonderful personalities and make great companion animals and furry friends. However, sometimes cats can show aggression towards their owners and other pets, which can be very detrimental to the bond between them and the home environment, and even dangerous in extreme situatio... Read more >
Published 22 Jun 2020
With the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately, we feel this is the perfect opportunity to share with you our top three tips to help you enjoy Summer with your four-legged companions. #1: Keep your pets protected from heatstroke As usual, prevention always comes first! Heatstroke occurs when your pet... Read more >
Published 10 Jun 2020
Cats may seem to be whimsical pets who enjoy doing all sorts of random things (usually involving pushing fragile objects off the shelves!) but, the truth is, they are animals that rely on stable routines to feel confident and safe.   They like to know who will be home (and when), at what hours they can expect ... Read more >
Published 28 Apr 2020
After COVID-19 was characterised as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on 11 March, it is now more important than ever that we protect ourselves and help everyone else at the same time. Basic preventive measures against the virus include: Washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds; Avoidi... Read more >
Published 23 Mar 2020
Have you had a look at your cat's teeth lately? It may sound like a weird question, but given that oral disease affects up to 80% of cats from only two years of age and as it can be easily overlooked, it is a really good idea to keep a close eye on your cat's mouth! February is pet dental health month, so we ... Read more >
Published 31 Jan 2020
Owning a pet is a wonderful, gratifying experience but also a big commitment. Once you adopt or buy an animal, you become responsible for their health and well-being, which goes far beyond taking care of their basic needs. Preventative veterinary care, such as proper nutrition, vaccination and regular worming an... Read more >
Published 19 Dec 2019
With the cold weather settling in, we tend to see our pets enjoying longer naps and not seeming as interested in going outside for their exercise as usual. Even though the poor weather can be a significant contributor to this change in their disposition, it is important to make sure that your cats are happy and hea... Read more >
Published 27 Nov 2019
Autumn has arrived in earnest and with it comes the fireworks season. As much as we love the festivities, some of our pets might not feel the same way! Halloween, Diwali, Bonfire night, Christmas and New Year all come at us in quick succession and many of these holidays feature fireworks of some kind, which are ... Read more >
Published 14 Oct 2019
Pain is an unpleasant sensation that is common across species. When we feel pain, we can easily tell where and how much it hurts, but it is not the same for our feline companions. Cats are well known for their stoic nature and will go out of their way to make sure everything is normal. Even more so in cases o... Read more >
Published 02 Sep 2019
Now that summer is finally here and the weather is getting nice and warm, there are some extra precautions we need to take in order to make sure our friendly felines can enjoy it as much as we do. If your cats are eager for a stroll outdoors, make sure their regular worming, flea and tick treatments are up to da... Read more >
Published 10 Jul 2019
Everybody has an itch to scratch every once in a while, and this includes our feline friends! Now that the weather is getting warmer, you may notice them doing so more frequently as Spring is usually the time when parasites start to become a real annoyance. External parasites like fleas or ticks thrive when the ... Read more >
Published 31 May 2019
Many people might not like thinking about what happens in the confines of their cats’ litterbox but knowing what goes on in there (unpleasant as this may be!) is crucial in the early detection of some important health problems. There is a lot of valuable information that you can gather from just a cursory glanc... Read more >
Published 02 Apr 2019
The advancements made in veterinary medicine as well as owners being more actively invested in making sure their cats' needs are met have made it possible for cats to live longer lives. As a result, a growing number of cats are reaching their golden years, and it is up to us to make sure they spend them happy and h... Read more >
Published 12 Feb 2019
Getting a kitten is a time of joy and excitement, but it also comes with great responsibility! With that in mind, we have put together some information to help you prepare for the new arrival! Choosing a kitten Kittens have different characters: some are quiet and enjoy napping on your lap, others are more ex... Read more >
Published 31 Oct 2018
Cats are loving animals that utterly captivate us and, let's face it, we couldn't live without them! But have you ever thought about the number of things they seem to come up with just to annoy us? We've put together a list of the 'Top 4 Most Annoying Cat Behaviours', and are going to take a moment to try to figure... Read more >
Published 17 Sep 2018
Training is an activity that can not only be useful in your daily life, but it can also be gratifying for both you and your dogs. By spending quality time together, you’ll strengthen the bond between you and your dog, keeping your pet mentally stimulated. It will take some time, patience, and lots of treats, but s... Read more >
Published 05 Sep 2018
Even though your cats won't be self-conscious about exposing their chubby bodies on the beach this summer, you should be concerned because overweight and obesity, for people and for pets, shouldn't be seen only as an aesthetic problem. Those extra pounds are harmful to your cats' health and well-being, as overweigh... Read more >
Published 06 Aug 2018
Taking our pets on holiday is a growing trend, and there is nothing like having your furry buddy with you on adventures abroad! But did you know that your dog, cat or ferret will need a passport if they are going to travel with you outside of the UK? Owners are responsible for ensuring that their pets are ful... Read more >
Published 18 Jul 2018
Cats can have allergies just like we do. There are three large groups of allergic reactions that can affect cats: flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), atopy and food allergy. If a cat has one type of allergy, he or she is more prone to have the others as well. Allergies are caused by an inappropriate inflammatory r... Read more >
Published 24 May 2018
Summer vacations are always fun but can be even better with the company of your furry friend! If you are planning to take your pet with you on holidays check out this list to help you prepare for the upcoming adventure. 1: Plan ahead. If you want to have a stress-free holiday with your pet then this is the wa... Read more >
Published 24 May 2018
We wish all our members and pets a very Happy Easter and we hope it is a very joyful time for you all! But please don't forget: Chocolate is best out of reach of any pets as it contains theobromine which is toxic, particularly to dogs;   Sweets and cakes with raisins, sultanas, currants like ho... Read more >
Published 22 Mar 2018
Many of us love lilies, they are beautiful flowers that spruce up any bouquet, especially during Spring and Easter. However, lilies are highly toxic to cats, so much so that we consider every part of the plant to be potentially deadly. There are many species in the Lilium and Hemerocallis genus that are very dan... Read more >
Published 22 Mar 2018
If like us, you can't help but liking cats, you'll surely agree that it is very hard not to be affected by kittens. Their playful personalities and never-ending cuteness are not easily ignored. This is why we would like to share with all the feline lovers out there some interesting facts about kittens! When thes... Read more >
Published 01 Mar 2018
Hyperthyroidism is one of the most frequent hormonal disorders in cats, especially of older cats. The thyroid is a gland that sits in front of the throat and controls an immense number of metabolic processes. Cats, much more so than dogs, can have nodules in the thyroid that produce an excess of thyroid hormones... Read more >
Published 26 Jan 2018
Some of our most recognisable and charismatic cats are colourpoint cats! The cream coloured body with the darker extremities shows up on breeds like the Siamese, Tonkinese, Birman, Himalayan and many others. This type of coat can have many different types of colours, anywhere from a cream body paired with a strong... Read more >
Published 05 Jan 2018
Happy New Year everyone! We hope this was a productive and amazing year and we hope 2018 is even better! Wishes of all of the best this season has to offer from all of us here at The Pet Professionals. While the New Year brings a lot of fun for us humans, don't forget the challenges many pets face during these d... Read more >
Published 14 Dec 2017
  A very Merry Christmas from all of us here at The Pet Professionals! We hope this season is filled with joy and warmth! We also want toremind all owners to keep their pets safe during Christmas and New Years' celebrations. Delicious foods and beautiful decorations seem to be everywhere right now. It's ... Read more >
Published 14 Dec 2017
Many of us have heard about dilated heart disease in our daring dogs, a disease that is especially prevalent in giant breeds, but did you know that our cats also have a type of specific heart disease that is much more common to them and quite uncommon in dogs? In dogs, the most common issue is that the heart has... Read more >
Published 11 Dec 2017
  Many of us have been in this very situation: your cat ran off for some unsanctioned outside fun, or they haven't returned in a couple of days, or something spooked them and they escaped into the great outdoors and now, you don't really know what to do. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can ... Read more >
Published 13 Nov 2017
Firework season has officially started! Normally, this is not met with much joy from our pets and it’s not hard to understand why. If you’ve done all the preparations prior to Bonfire night such as behaviour modification, introduced specific medication to help with anxiety, purchased a very fashionable thunder... Read more >
Published 20 Oct 2017
We wish you a merry, scary Halloween! We are sure it will be a night filled with delicious treats, spooky costumes and lots of fun! Having said that, there are a couple of things that can sometimes be dangerous to our pets: Sweets are toxic! Many contain chocolate or a sweetener called xylitol, so keep them... Read more >
Published 20 Oct 2017
Not all cats out there are looking for a comfortable lap, a spot of sunshine or to serenade their humans with cheerful meows. Some of our feline friends prefer a more distant relationship with people, so they aren't suitable pets to keep in more restricted home environments but they still need a safe space to live.... Read more >
Published 28 Sep 2017
We'll come right out and say it: Feline Infectious Peritonitis is bad news for your fabulous feline. This disease is called by a virus called Feline Coronavirus, a very common virus in cats, especially in multicat situations like catteries or households. Fortunately, while many cats are infected with Coronavirus... Read more >
Published 18 Sep 2017
Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease of dogs and cats, but for our pooches, it's one of the most common allergic skin diseases right alongside flea bite hypersensitivity. I's estimated to affect in about 3 to 15% of the canine population and it occurs due to an exaggerated response to environmental factors and su... Read more >
Published 25 Aug 2017
It's now (unfortunately!) late Summer and with the looming Autumn, a new parasite is very keen to join our outdoor parties. Our incoming party crashers are none other than Neotrombicula (or just Trombicula) autumnalis, who go by the street name of harvest mites. These mites can affect cats, dogs and even an unwa... Read more >
Published 25 Aug 2017
Did you know that only one in every 3000 calico cats are male? This is just another amazing and interesting fact about cats, in this particular case, about calico cats! Calico is the name given to cats that have three colours on their fur. These gorgeous felines are basically white, with ginger and black patches... Read more >
Published 31 Jul 2017
Cats and their teeth sometimes might find themselves in adversarial positions and this issue is one that is a bit odd. Feline tooth resorption is also called odontoclastic resorption and it's caused by the cat's own cells deciding (somewhat unilaterally) that the teeth no longer needs to be there. These cells ar... Read more >
Published 13 Jul 2017
This is a thought that has probably crossed every caring and loving owner's mind: Is it worth getting your pet insured? Responsible pet ownership has costs. From diet to preventative care (vaccinations, neutering and worm/flea treatments), having a pet means spending money and when considering the possibility of... Read more >
Published 13 Jul 2017
  Loving owners want to see their cats happily purring all day long! Unfortunately, many cats struggle with pain and discomfort due to an illness that for a whole host of reasons is not easy to see. Osteoarthritis is, to put it simply, a long-standing inflammation that affects the different components an... Read more >
Published 29 Jun 2017
Cryptorchidism is described as the failure of one or both testicles to descend to the scrotum. This descent usually happens in about 2 to 6 months as animals are born with testicles that reside in their abdomen and then slowly but surely descend to their final position. As far as we know, what causes testicles t... Read more >
Published 13 Jun 2017
Have you noticed your feline companion is sneezing more than usual, and you're a little worried? In that case, this post might help! Just as it is with us, sneezing is a normal mechanism our pet's body uses to clear any irritants from their nose. This means an occasional sneeze from time to time is quite normal,... Read more >
Published 19 May 2017
Did you know that paraplegic animals with irreversible spinal cord injuries, especially in the lumbar portion, can sometimes recover locomotion? It might sound a bit impossible - If the communication between brain and the muscles in the legs is severed than how can our pet still walk? That's where the sensationa... Read more >
Published 19 May 2017
Beautiful sunny days are right around the corner! And nobody loves that better than our purring partners who will undoubtedly lounge on the best sunny spots for hours on end. But, as with everything, the sun can also have its ill effects. Like people, cats are susceptible to sunburns and some forms of cancer com... Read more >
Published 05 May 2017
When we talk about environmental enrichment for indoor cats (and for many other pets), the conversation is about more than just getting toys for your cat. Due to their nature and depending on their home environment, domestic cats can be exposed to a lot of stress. The discomfort can come from a wide variety of s... Read more >
Published 11 Apr 2017
We bet you are all looking forward to the Easter weekend! Spending quality time with your family, your friends and with your pets is always a happy thought, especially during such a lovely time of the year. Don't forget that there are several traditional Easter foods that can be dangerous for our pets! In order to... Read more >
Published 11 Apr 2017
Lilies are not good plants to be around cats, as these are extremely toxic for our feline friends. Although not all lilies constitute a life-threatening danger to cats, it isn't always easy to be sure about the ones that are safe. Many pet owners have never heard of this issue and this is incredibly important, e... Read more >
Published 24 Mar 2017
Spring is a very much awaited time of the year, after months of cold and winter. Pets and humans alike thoroughly enjoy the sun's return, and nature around us slowly but surely gains those lovely colours once again. During this time of the year, the first thing owners need to be on the lookout is for the seasona... Read more >
Published 24 Mar 2017
Today we bring you, from the ancient lands of the Isle of Man, a just as old breed of cats that have a very particular characteristic: no tails! The Manx breed and their distinctive posterior characteristic most likely originated from a mutation that spread throughout the island due to its incomplete dominant ch... Read more >
Published 10 Mar 2017
The Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is type of retrovirus (a lentivirus) that affects cats all over the world. It causes an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome which means it interferes with our cats' immune system, lowering its defences, and causing them to be more vulnerable to opportunistic infections and o... Read more >
Published 10 Feb 2017
Most of us are aware that our rambunctious doggies just love to interact, with other dogs, with us, with other animals, with puddles… and cats, on the other hand, are a bit more reserved with their social lives. Well, behaviour scientists say that the solitary cat, at least as far as our domestic felines go, is... Read more >
Published 26 Jan 2017
Environmental enrichment has a very important role in the lives of indoor cats. These cats are often under stress for many different reasons and this is not always obvious to their owners. Many cats are unable to express their normal behaviour: playing, hunting, scratching, climbing to high spots and even simply... Read more >
Published 13 Jan 2017
A malignant tumour is a type of mass that is composed of abnormally fast and uncontrolled multiplying cells that may or may not travel from the starting site to other organs. This type of malignant cell migration is called metastizing and they usually travel by the bloodstream or lymphatic vessels. Malignant tum... Read more >
Published 20 Dec 2016
Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a well-known yet relatively rare disease in cats caused by a massive immune-mediated response to an infection by the feline coronavirus. There is a high rate of infection with coronavirus in cats, but only a small percentage of these cats will develop a serious clinical dis... Read more >
Published 07 Dec 2016
Permethrin is a molecule that is part of the pyrethroid class of drugs and it’s commonly found on formulations for flea and other external parasite control. It’s a synthetic molecule derived from natural compounds found in the flowers of the Chrysanthemum genus. These flowers and their parts are used to repel ... Read more >
Published 24 Nov 2016
This virus causes a common respiratory disease in cats, usually with upper respiratory tract signs. The agent that causes this pathology is a single-strand RNA virus with several serotypes that usually cause similar clinical signs. Of the cats that are infected, some will remain persistent carriers and these will go... Read more >
Published 10 Nov 2016
The de-icing of roads is commonly done with a mixture of gravel and rock salt. It acts by lowering the freezing point of water, meaning that a lower temperature is required for water to freeze on pavements, roads and assorted other pathways. Rock salt is common table salt, sodium chloride, in its crystal form. Whe... Read more >
Published 10 Nov 2016
Many owners will be familiar with diabetes mellitus, as it’s an unfortunately common disorder in humans and there have been many public health initiatives towards making diabetes a known issue. Diabetes mellitus is an endocrine disorder that influences the mechanism that regulates sugar concentration in blood. ... Read more >
Published 27 Oct 2016
Having a dodgy ticker isn’t just limited to people, much to our feline friends’ chagrin they can suffer from heart problems pretty much in the same way. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a rather big, mean looking word for a relatively common heart problem in our kitties. Hypertrophic means that the muscle that c... Read more >
Published 14 Oct 2016
If you are a cat owner you have probably heard of this disease before. The Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) is a retrovirus that affects cats all over the world. Our feline companions become infected through close contact, primarily through saliva. The virus is passed among cats that spend a lot of time together, as... Read more >
Published 03 Oct 2016
Notoedric mange is a skin problem of cats caused by Notoedres cati, one of the species of mites that causes mange in pets. This problem may affect any cat, regardless of age or gender and, while it’s fairly specific for cats, it might affect dogs and rabbits as well. It’s a parasite transmitted by directed c... Read more >
Published 20 Sep 2016
Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is a term used to describe conditions that can affect the lower urinary tract of cats (the bladder and/or the urethra - the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body). The conditions which cause it can vary, but the signs are generally very simila... Read more >
Published 31 Aug 2016
Our feline companions are considered seasonal breeders as their reproductive cycles are directly influenced by daylight hours. They will cycle when there are 12 or more daylight hours and this is why the cat’s breeding season usually goes from February to October. Female cats can become sexually mature as early a... Read more >
Published 18 Aug 2016
  Can you find the cat hidden on this image? It's not easy... Scroll down to find the answer...       a bit more...       Via: www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/4p517i/when_you_see_it Would you like to know more about cats? Check our Feline Cou... Read more >
Published 10 Aug 2016
Cats may show aggression for different reasons and it’s important to identify them in order to properly manage the problem. Cats may show aggression towards humans out of fear, maybe due to poor socialisation with humans or due to an unpleasant event associated with that person or with people in general. Cats, jus... Read more >
Published 30 Jul 2016
  With the temperatures rising the risk of our pets becoming infested by parasites such as ticks and fleas increases tremendously, since these small creatures thrive on warm weather. Fleas can be a real nightmare for pets and for their owners. These parasites will feed on our pet’s blood causing irritation,... Read more >
Published 21 Jul 2016
During the summer months, there are many hazards you should be aware of in order to keep your furry feline friend safe. Just like dogs, cats can suffer heat stroke when exposed to hot temperatures, even if he or she lives indoors. Your cat should always have access to cool water, which should be available at diffe... Read more >
Published 07 Jul 2016
Just like us, cats have two kidneys and their main role is to filter the bloodstream and remove waste products produced by the body’s metabolism. These waste products are eliminated from the body in the urine. The kidneys also help to regulate the volume and composition of the blood. Kidney disease is one of the ... Read more >
Published 22 Jun 2016
Cats that live indoors need properly enriched environments to live a happy life. The purpose of environmental enrichment is to offer options so that the cat can express his natural behaviour. If this isn’t provided your cat may feel stressed which can affect both his health and behaviour. Indoor cats need unrestr... Read more >
Published 03 Jun 2016
An increase in pet ownership combined with longer working hours, means more and more people are relying on pet care professionals to help look after their beloved four legged friends. And when leaving your pet in the care of another you want to be sure they are trustworthy, reliable and ultimately covered should an... Read more >
Published 24 May 2016
Parasites are organisms that feed on other animals (hosts). Besides causing health issues to their hosts some of them can also transmit diseases. It is important to control parasites in your cat not only for his health but also for yours, since many of them can also affect humans. Factors influencing the prevalence o... Read more >
Published 16 May 2016
Whether it’s working alongside a resident pet or bringing in your own, a furry creature can be a welcome addition to an office. In Britain we love our pets and over half of us have said we’d happily take them into work if we could. To find out what having an office pet entails, Lilli Hender from OfficeGenie.co... Read more >
Published 28 Apr 2016
Statistics show that indoor cats have longer, healthier lives than outdoor cats and in fact keeping your cat indoors may reduce some risks. However, these cats are also more likely to develop behavioural problems than those allowed outside if their environment isn’t properly enriched. The decision to keep your cat... Read more >
Published 22 Apr 2016
Bringing a new kitten home, what a joy! We know you want to keep your new pet happy and safe so here are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, you need to have a cat carrier not only for your kitten's first journey home, but also for later trips. Cats can get stressed when travelling in cars so it is ... Read more >
Published 07 Apr 2016
For many cats the trip to vet is not a pleasant experience and it is not hard to understand why. From the cat's point of view, going to the vet usually means going for a car trip inside a cat carrier, to an unknown environment filled with potential threats such as unfamiliar humans, cats and dogs, only to be handled ... Read more >
Published 23 Mar 2016
 Cats require plenty of fresh, clean water, especially the ones with certain health problems, like kidney disease and urinary tract disease, who need to drink more water than the average cat. There are many cats who don't drink as much as they should so here are some tips on how to encourage your cat to drink more w... Read more >
Published 10 Mar 2016
´ Seizures in pets can range from mild to severe or violent and watching a beloved pet have a seizure can be very hard for a pet owner. Pets having fits can display muscle spasms or tremors, involuntary repetitive movements (shaking for example), vocalisation, excessive salivation, hallucinations, loss of bowel or ur... Read more >
Published 10 Mar 2016
Grooming is part of a cat's natural behaviour and our feline companions often spend a lot of time doing it. Unfortunately there are circumstances where cats can groom themselves too much and that often indicates that there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. When a cat is over-grooming it will frequen... Read more >
Published 24 Feb 2016
Cat obesity affects one out of three adult cats in the UK and it is very important for owners to be aware of this problem. It is recommended for pet owners to monitor their pets' weight and body condition, so they can act and help their pets return to their normal weight, if necessary. Being overweight can have ... Read more >
Published 28 Jan 2016
If there is one thing pet owners should keep in mind is to be careful with what their pets have access to. Our pets can eat the most unbelievable things and in relatively large amounts. Vets know this very well as they are the ones who frequently treat these cases. That is why we wanted to share with you some of t... Read more >
Published 08 Jan 2016
Antifreeze is highly toxic for pets. This substance is easily found in households all over the UK during the cold months, since it is commonly used to de-ice windshields after a cold night. Antifreeze and water coolant from cars contain ethylene glycol, a chemical that is extremely poisonous for pets if ingested... Read more >
Published 17 Dec 2015
  There are only a few more days left until Christmas and although this is a wonderful time of the year it has many potential dangers for our pets, especially if owners are not aware of them. Christmas food is definitely on top of our list! The festive season is usually filled with sweets, chocolates, minc... Read more >
Published 17 Dec 2015
  Christmas is a fun and happy time of the year. It's all about celebrating, eating delicious food, spending time with your loved ones and getting lovely gifts for family and friends. During this time of the year it is very common for people to either get a new pet or to give a pet as a gift. This seems to... Read more >
Published 17 Dec 2015
Many cat owners have probably seen their cat cough and wondered if that was just an occasional cough or if there was something else to it. It is normal for cats to cough every now and then, as there is always something in their environment that can irritate their airways and cause them to cough. It is also not uncomm... Read more >
Published 27 Nov 2015
If you are a cat lover or a cat owner then this post is for you. Cat flu is a common disease caused by viruses or bacteria that affects the upper respiratory tract of cats. Cats suffering from cat flu will show clinical signs similar to the ones caused by a common cold in humans. The viruses involved are usually t... Read more >
Published 10 Nov 2015
Did you know that cats can also have dental problems? Unfortunately dental disease can affect cats of all ages and is actually quite common, especially in older cats. It is thought thatmore than 80% of cats over three years old have some type of dental disorder. Dental disease starts with the accumulation of plaque,... Read more >
Published 30 Oct 2015
Unfortunately there are several life-threatening infectious diseases that can affect our pets and this is also true for cats. Vaccination has been the best protection for our feline companions from preventable death and it is still the simplest and most effective way of protecting them against these diseases. Va... Read more >
Published 13 Oct 2015
If you are a cat owner or a cat lover you have probably heard of catnip, an herb that causes behaviour changes in cats. Have you ever tried offering a catnip toy to your cat? How did he or she reacted? We would love to know! Most cats will show some reaction to catnip. Cats can become very relaxed, roll and rub thei... Read more >
Published 29 Sep 2015
Anyone that may have spent some time around cats or enough time on the Internet is probably aware that cats love boxes. Cats love all boxes in general, but they really enjoy cardboard boxes. Our feline companions are known for often showing far more enthusiasm for the box in which the brand new cat bed came in then... Read more >
Published 16 Sep 2015
If you have a cat and if you are considering getting a new cat, it is very important to plan things ahead and to take some time to make all the necessary introductions. This approach will greatly contribute to reduce any tension that may arise between the two cats, avoid possible conflicts and to turn the process int... Read more >
Published 01 Sep 2015
Cats are extremely popular pets and many owners will often have more than one feline companion in their household. However, not all cat owners are aware that their cats’ social behaviour is very different from a dog’s social behaviour and the impact these differences can have in their health and well-being. Cat soci... Read more >
Published 21 Aug 2015
During wet weather the number of slugs and snails increases dramatically as this type of weather provides an ideal environment for these animals. Slug pellets are commonly used to control their numbers in order to protect our gardens, orchards and vegetable farms. Although they are meant for slugs and snails, unfort... Read more >
Published 19 Aug 2015
In general, we hear a lot about puppy socialisation and how this process is extremely important for the character of the adult dog. However, this critical and sensitive period is important for all species and this includes our feline companions! Just like as it is with dogs your kitten’s first experiences are c... Read more >
Published 04 Aug 2015
Many cats seem to love drinking milk and will react very enthusiastically when their owners offer them that treat. However, what many cat owners are not aware is that milk might not be the best thing for your cat. Cats only really need milk when they are very young. To digest lactose, the sugar in milk, cats need an... Read more >
Published 22 Jul 2015
Most pet owners have probably already heard or read somewhere that there are many health benefits associated with pet ownership. Although there is still controversy over these results, many scientific studies have been suggesting that pets can bring advantages to their owner’s health. Studies have shown that people... Read more >
Published 22 Jul 2015
 Cats and litter Boxes Litter boxes and their management are extremely important for the health and well-being of the cats who use them. In fact, this is so important that there is quite a lot of scientific research on this matter. When we are talking about litter boxes, owners must consider how many litter ... Read more >
Published 12 Jun 2015
Reading this post might be useful if you ever try to help a cat that seems to be lost, in need of help or if an apparently stray cat seems to be trying to move into your home. When you find a stray or lost cat it’s important to figure out if the cat is really lost or if the cat is really a stray. It’s not uncommon... Read more >
Published 19 May 2015
Cats who are between 8 and 11 years old are usually considered middle aged and cats over 12 years old are considered senior. As years go by, there are quite a few changes you can expect to see in your older cat. The first thing owners usually notice is that their cat seems to have slowed down a bit, being less energ... Read more >
Published 29 Apr 2015
Kennel cough, or infectious tracheobronchitis, is a highly infectious disease of dogs that affects their upper respiratory tract. The most common clinical sign is a persistent, dry, hacking cough but some dogs can become depressed, develop a temperature and even present sneezes and a running nose. Kennel cough is just... Read more >
Published 23 Apr 2015
Most of you have probably heard of toxoplasmosis. It is a disease of cats caused by a microscopic parasite called Toxoplasma gondii that can affect humans. Although cats are the parasite’s definitive host, it can also affect most warm blood animals. This parasite is extremely well adapted to its host and most c... Read more >
Published 08 Apr 2015
Fleas are extremely common parasites that feed off the blood of mammals, which includes pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and they will also bite humans. Most pet owners have seen them at some point, since these tiny brown insects are very common and can be a problem all year round. Although fleas are usually not a l... Read more >
Published 11 Mar 2015
Although the evenings are getting a little lighter we are still in the depths of winter with below zero temperatures and reduced daylight hours.  This article is designed to give you some practical tips that will help you to look after your pet during the last few months of winter. 1. Exercise in winter The short... Read more >
Published 05 Feb 2015
Rock salt is very commonly used during winter all over the UK. The substance is a mixture of salt, grit and other components such as magnesium that works as an ice melter. It is often spread on our roads to keep them clear of ice and snow, and on sidewalks and footpaths to prevent slips and falls. Despite being so c... Read more >
Published 14 Jan 2015
Antifreeze is very common in our homes during the winter months whether it is being used to prevent water from freezing inside our household pipes or to de-ice our cars in the morning. This substance is also present in most motor vehicle antifreezes and it is also found in some screen washers. The problem with antif... Read more >
Published 27 Nov 2014