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Courses for pet owners

The Pet Professionals TV

Learn more about The Pet Professionals as well as useful tips for you and your pet.

About us

A short introduction to The Pet Professionals
The benefits of Club Membership
How to join The Pet Professionals Club
About our training courses
The Pet Professionals Partners

Tips for Pet Owners

Top ten tips for pet owners
Seasonal tips for your dog
Routine Examination of your dog


How to perform CPR on your dog


Buying a Dachshund
Owning a Dachshund
Canine Behaviour for Adolescent Dogs
Canine first aid
Canine Aggression
Canine Behaviour for Puppies
Preventative Healthcare for dogs
Care of the ageing dog
Introduction to Canine Nutrition


Equine first aid
Keeping your horse healthy
Why do we massage
Equine nutrition and feeding
Choosing a Horse
Care for the ageing horse
Equine Behaviour


Feline Behaviour
Feline Preventative Healthcare
Care of the ageing cat

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