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Cats and boxes

Cats 9 - Cats and boxes

Anyone that may have spent some time around cats or enough time on the Internet is probably aware that cats love boxes. Cats love all boxes in general, but they really enjoy cardboard boxes. Our feline companions are known for often showing far more enthusiasm for the box in which the brand new cat bed came in then for the cat bed itself!

This topic has even been researched by science! A recent study investigated if providing hiding boxes for cats arriving at a shelter would contribute to reduce their levels of stress. Scientists concluded that yes, it does! Cats who had recently arrived at the shelter and were provided with hiding boxes not only showed less signs of stress than the cats who did not have a box, but they also took less time to adjust to their new surroundings and new fellow cats. This is very important for cats in shelters because stress will not only affect how they feel but will also have a great impact on their health. Stress can affect their immune system and make them more susceptible to outbreaks of infectious diseases.

There are many reasons why cats love boxes, particularly cardboard boxes. A box provides cats with a warm, comfortable enclosed space, which makes them feel safe. Cats are predators and boxes are also perfect to observe from afar and ambush their prey.
Cats tend to avoid confrontation by nature and their usual strategy is to retreat to a safe area whenever they have to deal with a stressful situation. Boxes are great hiding spots for a cat to take refuge if there is any source of stress, anxiety, hostility or even unwanted attention in its surrounding environment.

This information can be very useful for cat owners! Cardboard boxes are a great tool to welcome a new cat into your home as it will provide him or her with a safe space to retreat if he or she ever feels overwhelmed. It is also a great way to enrich your cat's environment, especially if you have more than one cat.

You can try spreading a few cardboard boxes around your home, placing them in different locations and at different heights, and see which ones your cat prefers!

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Published: 16 Sep 2015

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