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Keep your dog's flea and tick treatment up to date!

We know it's still quite chilly out there at the moment, but that unfortunately does not stop all manner of bugs from gleefully jumping onto your dog!

It's tempting to pay less attention to your pet's external parasite treatment during the Winter months but they are still there, just waiting for a tasty host (and your pet or you might be on the list!)

Fleas and ticks are not only bothersome for dogs, causing itching and skin problems, but they also carry all manner of diseases that can sometimes pass onto other members of the household.

Fleas can be a big issue in sensitive dogs but they also carry a tapeworm called Dipylidium caninum which might even cause anaemia due to blood loss in large enough infestations, especially in young animals. This tapeworm causes anal discomfort and it can be infectious to children.

Ticks also carry the risk of causing anaemia if in large enough numbers but are host to bloodborne pathogens and cause Lyme disease, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis among others. While very different diseases, they mostly cause recurrent fever, weight loss, weakness, rashes and might even keep on causing problemns even after successful treatment. Take it from us, all of the above diseases are not something you or your dog want to contend with!

Fortunately, there are many easy ways to control external parasites in your dog and in your house. You can collect very effective treatments from your veterinary surgeon and if you have any questions or a particularly complicated case give your veterinarian a call or schedule an appointment.

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Published: 08 Feb 2018

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