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Buying and Owning a Labrador course

The Labrador is an extremely popular breed of dog and in this course we will provide you with the key things that you need to know before you buy a Labrador and, following purchase, how to take best care of him or her

The course covers:
• Origins of the breed
• Labrador health issues
• Are you ready for a Labrador puppy?
• Temperament
• Finding the right breeder
• Things to look for when buying a puppy
• Rehoming an older Labrador
• The main considerations when you bring your new puppy home, including feeding, house training and exercise
• Health and general care of your Labrador
• Common ailments and back problems including the lifestyle factors affecting the dog
• Training and exercise
• Breeding from your Labrador

Buying a Labrador

Buying a Labrador taster from The Pet Professionals.

Owning a Labrador

Owning a Labrador taster from The Pet Professionals.

£39.00 (for 3 months access to online course)

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